Horizon Europe RIA CICERO: MSA-based circular hydrometallurgy for sustainable, cost-effective production of NMC cathode materials

Press Release: “The Sami Perspective: a new mini-documentary”

The long-awaited mini-documentary “The Sami Perspective” is now available. The film tries to understand why the indigenous reindeer-herding Sami communities are so strongly opposed to metal mining in the North of Sweden. This joint press release provides the essential background.

The Debrief. Made in Europe: from mine to electric vehicle

“Gripping & informative. Excellently presented!” “Eye opening” “Thoroughly informed science communication with real social impact” “A wake-up call for Europe”. Here is the Debrief about the documentary “Made in Europe: from mine to electric vehicle”.

The making of “Made in Europe: from mine to Electric Vehicle”

“Make no mistake. The tsunami of cheap, subsidised Chinese Electric Vehicles is coming. Europe seems to have been sleepwalking into an abyss.”, that’s the opening statement of SIM²’s new documentary “The Nordic challenge: from mine to Electric Vehicle” in collaboration with the ENICON and EXCEED EU projects.